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Everybody says hitting is the fun part of baseball...

Until you have to face Chapman on the bottom of the 9th inning. That’s not fun at all. You know what’s fun? Hitting a walk off home run.

Imagine having this rare opportunity of bringing the winning-run for a championship game

Imagine standing out of the batting box looking closely at your bat, hearing fans cheering you name, and looking at the pitcher mean as hell as if he owes you money

Imagine making contact on a fastball inside, turning around first base and looking at the ball going over the fence.

Your team goes wild, everybody is jumping over the dugout fence, and lining up at home plate waiting for your arrival. You start turning around third base and you cannot help to think about celebration, Gatorade cans, and shaving cream pies. 

Dux Sports does not make batting gloves; we make the best moments in the game happen.

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