November 16, 2016

We understand how important is looking good while playing. Out here we mark some pointers to make sure you stay on top of you attire game as much as you do on your physical game. All of these are equally important:

1. Make sure your tape doesn't look like an used diaper.

Tape is a very important part of you looking good in the field. Make sure is all flatten out and that it doesn't look like a used diaper.

2. Don't ever use straps over you cleats to make your pants stick over them

We get that you want your pants to be all the way down and around your cleats. It looks pretty good, however do not wear a strap on the outside of your cleat or even worse, do not put a hole in the bottom of your pant for the cleat to hold it down. You will lose a lot of SWAG points.

3. Avoid using too many colors

If you look like a bag full of skittles your definitely doing something wrong.

4. Avoid using a flat bill in your hat

Flat bills are a thing of the past, you need to have some type of curvature in there.


5. Avoid using dirty cleats

Make sure your cleats are on point when going out on the field. That will speak volumes of your game.    


6. Don't ever go without wearing some type pf accessory, show some swag.

Don't go raw, nobody will take you seriously. Either use a compression arm sleeve, undershirt or tape, but don't go raw.

7. Do not wear your shirt too tight, especially in the arm area.

You are not a policeman, you are a ballplayer.   

8. If wearing eye-black, don't look like a spartan

We get that you want to look scary to the other team. However you lose class when you have all your face painted in black. Stay Classy!

9. Don't wear your pants with the elastic to the ankle, go either up or all the way down.

This is a big no-no. In this era we should not see anybody having pants that have an elastic at the ankles.                

10. Avoid using ripped batting gloves.

When your at the plate you need all the help you can have, ripped batting gloves will not help with either your confidence or your grip.

11. Don't go without wearing some type of undershirt.

People will lose faith in the way you perform if they can see your hairy chest. Training undershirts are not that expensive! 


12. Don't miss a belt loop.

This will make you lose a lot of SWAG points. Make sure you have all of them.


Looking like a superstar on the field is not that difficult. Players often want to call the attention by becoming the center of entertainment. The reality is that they are indeed successfully when doing it any of these 12 blunders. At Dux Sports we keep things classy and elegant in order to call the right kind of attention. Take advantage of our great sales today. Use coupon "DuxBlog" for 10% off. Click Here to See New Collections


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