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When our “passion hobby” started, we knew one thing: Dux Sports would be more than just sport's apparel. While our dream as entrepreneurs are to be sought-after brand of style, worldwide public recognition, and providing an incredible user experience, we also want to make a REAL difference in the world of young baseball players.

Every morning we pinch ourselves to make sure we are not living in a dream, a dream that has provided us this business as a platform to inspire the youth to dream big and beyond their wildest imaginations. We are a dedicated team of individuals doing their very best, but we leave it up to the youth to speak for results. This is their business and we are simply their channels to success.

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As a recent grad student in 2012, instead of desperately looking for a stable job, Richard spent his summer discovering his real purpose in life while reading about one of his biggest inspiration, Roberto Clemente. During that summer, he supported the development of local baseball leagues from 9 - 16 years old by sharing his knowledge and skills in the game of baseball. He left every encounter worry and unsatisfied, wishing he could do more for these kids who did not have the funds to get an experience and/or professional player with the knowledge to help them improve their skills.


”Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don't, then you are wasting your time on Earth.'' – Roberto Clemente.


Our social compromise is to keep these young “Gamers” off the street and provide them an OPPORTUNITY to learn and grow as an athlete and person, serve as a source of INSPIRATION to go after their dreams or anything they want in life, and most importantly, to RAISE their skills in the game of baseball for the best chance of succeeding. That dream is coming true!

Late in 2014, we made the decision to initiate our #SWAG Program (Share With Us the Act of Giving), for every sale, a baseball player between the age of 9 and 15 years old receive a free group clinic with professional and experience players for a day. The response to our brand has far exceeded our expectations, and as a result we were able to offer weekly clinics in Puerto Rico in 2015 and expand to Central America in 2016, inspiring a total of around 300 future superstars to stay inside the diamond mentally, physically, and socially. Our biggest scores are not the amount of kids we inspire, but the noticeable changes in their lives after interacting with the SWAG Program.

Our next goal is to expand internationally to South and North America with our SWAG Program to continue inspiring kids to go after their dreams of playing baseball. We are so grateful for each of these opportunities, and for all of our supporters who play such a vital role in making these dreams a reality! Collectively we're all having an impact on changing the world of baseball for the best. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for joining us to make a difference! 


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Dux Sports’ vision is to be recognized as the premier socially driven brand in the sports industry changing athletes lives for the better while making them look and feel great with affordable apparel.



Dux Sports’ mission is to spread actionable knowledge free of costs to young athletes who do not have the means to reach experience and/or professional players to help them improve their competitive skills and mindset.