May 17, 2016

Besides helping you look a lot better while you perform, the compression arm sleeves have benefits to your health beyond just looking good. The compression these sleeves create on your arm, will do the following:

-Increased Blood Flow

-Help you with faster muscle recovery

-Limit and reduce inflammation

-Reduce Pain

-Helps prevent injury

Now you are wondering how is this possible. During exercise the body produces lactic acid as a waste product that is is not removed from the muscles it can contribute to soreness and ability to perform. Also when the muscle vibrates while doing any type of physical activity it contributes to the muscle being fatigue.

Lets look at a summary of what compression does to the body by Fleet Feet:

"Recent studies show that with an optimal level of consistent compression, the walls of the arteries will dilate, increasing the blood flow through them. Arterial blood flow has been shown to increase up to 40% during activity and 30% during recovery. This means more oxygen and nutrients flowing through the body. On the other hand, the walls of the veins will tighten under compression, which helps to increase the velocity of blood flow through them. Increased velocity of blood flow through veins means that deoxygenated blood and lactic acid will get back to the heart quicker, which will help to increase the rate of recovery and decrease muscle soreness. Compression will also help to stabilize the muscle and decrease the amount of muscular vibration, resulting in decreased fatigue. To sum up the benefits of compression; enhanced performance through increased blood flow, quicker recovery and decreased muscle soreness, and less fatigue.“

So from now on, make sure you stay away from soreness and injuries by wearing our arm sleeves that will make you look so good when you play or train!

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