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Custom Baseball Gloves by Dux Sports

Welcome! Exciting times ahead! Before you begin building your masterpiece, we would like to provide you very important information: 

*This page will stay open so you can come back if you have questions while building your glove.

1) Builder: We strongly recommend you use a laptop or desktop computer to build your gloves. If you are using a mobile device, please see additional instructions at the bottom of this page. 

2) Color Guide: Here are some photos of previous gloves so you can see how they colors look in real life. 

3) Leather Types: 

JAPAN KIP (5 Colors Available)
Kip leather is a luxurious cowhide found in high-end gloves. It is the best leather you will find in any baseball gloves. Gloves made from Japan leather are considered the most durable glove in the game. Comparable with Rawling Pro Preferred. 

PREMIUM STEERHIDE (11 Colors Available)
Steerhide is one of the most popular and durable types of leathers in the game of baseball. Taken from the back shoulder of grown steers is what makes this leather incredibly tough, and tough to break in, but once the leather loosen up, it’s the glove you will carry to every game. Highly popular choice among pro players. Comparable with Wilson A2000. 

COWHIDE (6 Colors Available)
This will be your baseline for baseball gloves. Lightweight and very flexible from the get-go. Cowhide performs well and will break in faster. Cowhide is generally the best all-around glove for youth players.


Mobile Users: 

If you are using any mobile device to build your glove, please make sure to follow this instructions: 

1) To make a selection (e.g. color, webs, size), please double tap the options on your screen. Single tap will only provide you information about the option. 

2) If you want to build 2 or more gloves, make sure to finish one first and add it to the cart before starting to build a second one. 

3) Iphone users: You could experience a small delay when pressing the "Add to Cart" button. Please wait few seconds and it will load succesfully.